Justin’s Secret To Success

Do you want to know something that helps considerably once you decide you want to be a success professionally? Are you ready for it? It’s really simple, yet mind-blowing. BE LIKEABLE. Crazy, right!

Being personable, easy to work with, and pleasant seems like it would need no explanation, yet often, we find people lacking in this department. From day one, though, Justin Snow, Team Lead here at South Inc Nashville, had no problem with this aspect of business, winning everyone over with his good nature and fun, outgoing personality. This is his story to South Inc Nashville!

A Canton, Mississippi native, Justin grew up outgoing, sociable, and according to his mom, hard-headed (haha)! He enjoyed sports, particularly football and baseball, and after high school, attended Mississippi State University to pursue his kinesiology degree. Graduation led Justin to Corporate America where he spent the next 3 1/2 years with IBM as an Account Manager. After years of seeing little growth in his hometown, he decided it was time to get out of Mississippi and put himself in a situation that would allow him to grow more rapidly.

Moving to Nashville was exactly what Justin needed. He started working with a production company that did lighting effects for major artists and had the pleasure of doing shows for artists like Lady Gaga and Drake! A year there served as great experience but limited opportunity for growth prompted Justin to begin his job search again. Fortunately, he found South Inc Nashville and our revered Management Program online and started with the company back in May 2017.

Fast forward 15 months and not a day goes by where Justin isn’t wowing our clients or making our team laugh. His contagious energy and confident demeanor mean he’s never met a stranger and our entire team has come to rely on his presence in the office! When asked why he loves work at South Inc Nashville, Justin says, “This is unlike any job I’ve ever had and I’m in it to win it. I won’t quit until our Marketing Manager, Hannah, fires me or I get promoted to management.” He says, “If you want to have fun at work, make friends, make money, and learn A LOT, this is the place to do it.”

With a goal of moving to an Assistant Management position by Thanksgiving and retiring him mom in the next few years, Justin is all gas and no breaks at work. He believes that being persistent, being genuine, and being truthful will get you anywhere you want in life, and we would have to agree with him.

In the last year, we’ve sent Justin to New Orleans, Ashland, Augusta, St. Louis, and Atlanta, and can’t wait to see where else he helps take our business the remainder of 2018. Justin, you are one of a kind and truly one of the most enjoyable people to be around. Thank you for brightening up our office and for being the infectious person you are. We can’t wait to see you hit all your goals and some!


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