South Inc Says Hello to Augusta!

Anthony EcktonWhat’s the most important part of a person’s career? Unlimited growth potential? Being passionate about your work? At South Inc, we believe it’s a combination of the two. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “Do what you love, and love what you do,” you get it. South Inc seeks to work with ambitious individuals who are eager to advance into a management position, such as our newest Managing Partner, Anthony Eckton.

Anthony was born in Tampa, FL, where he lived until he left for college. He grew up playing any sport he could, but as he got older, he focused more on lacrosse and basketball. Anthony attended Florida State University and still goes to FSU games whenever he gets the chance! After graduating from college, he relocated to Nashville, TN and joined the South Inc team as an Entry Level Account Executive. Taking advantage of our firm’s Management Develop Program, he was promoted to a Junior Partner in January of 2017 and a Managing Partner just 3 months later! After discussing the next step with our brokerage firm and our client, Anthony was presented with the opportunity to open his own office in Augusta, GA! Moving to Augusta was a no-brainer for Anthony; he loves The Masters Tournament and the “Godfather of Soul”, James Brown!

During his time at South Inc, Anthony demonstrated a strong leadership ability, so it was no wonder that six of South Inc’s brightest team members jumped at the opportunity to join Anthony in his expansion to Augusta. They knew that seeing a business grow from the ground up was imperative to their own leadership development. The talent that Anthony took with him ranged from a professional chef to a founder of the Nashville Patriots Fan Club, proving that no matter what an individual’s background or work experience is, everyone is given the opportunity to move into a managerial role. Due to their solid leadership and sales skills, South Inc is confident that Anthony and his team will take our industry to new heights!


Opening an office in Augusta is beneficial to all parties involved. Our client acquires a new consumer base, South Inc expands into a new market, and Anthony provides the same growth opportunity to others while fulfilling his dream of entrepreneurship! As mentioned previously, the Management Development Program at South Inc is designed to help team members like Anthony grow both personally and professionally into the people they are striving to be. Our goal is to promote a rewarding work environment where individuals never stop learning. By working in an ever-growing industry with multi-billion dollar clients, South Inc continues to expand across the country and invest in the leaders of tomorrow!

The next Zoolander?🤔

Congratulations to Anthony on his promotion and the opportunity to represent our client in a new state! To view photos of Anthony and his team, follow South Inc on Instagram!


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