Leading From The Front: A Hannah Hoffman Exclusive

Behind every successful business, there is a visionary. This person may be the face of the company – open and vocal like John Legere of TMobile, or a quiet powerhouse motivating their team behind the scenes. Better yet, they might be like Hannah Hoffman – the perfect blend of the two – a seamless cohesion of passion and purpose.

Born as the youngest of 5 children, Hannah grew up a product of Atlanta’s suburbs in a small town called Stone Mountain. Idolizing her older siblings, but always a free thinker, Hannah grew up independent and confident, even as a child. A social butterfly, she recalls getting in trouble in class for talking too much (haha) but was adored by many for her fun-loving, easy-going personality.

As the 5th child, Hannah recalls having very relaxed parents who empowered her to make the right decisions and be self-sufficient; skills she would use decades later as South Inc Nashville’s Marketing Manager. Though she won’t admit it either, Hannah excelled in her schooling, receiving a full ride to any college within the state. Wanting to put some distance between her and her childhood home, Hannah chose to attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro to study business management.

Following 2 years at school, Hannah decided to utilize her love for communication through the restaurant field, accepting a position as a server and trainer at Applebees. After 2 years of employment there, she realized that more professional career opportunities were available if she just went out and looked for them, and began putting her resume online for any position that would allow her to exercise her people skills. A natural for sales, Hannah accepted a position within a Management Training program in Atlanta with the understanding that her work ethic would be the deciding factor for all promotions.

She recalls within her first 5 months spending only 6 weeks in the office, receiving ample opportunities to travel and train sales offices around the country in Miami, Denver, Panama City, etc. Immediately attracted to the businesses’ travel opportunities and outgoing people, Hannah began officially working with South Inc Nashville’s client just a few months later. When an opportunity arose for her to help the client expand to Nashville, she jumped at the chance and said farewell to her home in Atlanta. In just 3 years since she made that decision, Hannah has helped South Inc Nashville’ client expand from 1 location to 8, including new markets in Cleveland, Kansas City, Augusta, Knoxville and Oklahoma City.

When we asked Hannah what advice she would give to someone looking to grow professionally she said “1) Be proactive about learning, 2) Have a slight edge by working harder and 3) Be resilient and optimistic. Her goal this year (after just returning from London) is to accompany a colleague to Dubai and help the client expand from 8 locations to 20, all while mastering the balance of being an amazing mom and successful business woman!

You can find Hannah working hands-on with South Inc Nashville’s entire sales team, listening to TED talks, reading Fortune magazine, or planning and strategizing the company’s growth on her favorite Ipad Pro!! With aspirations of travel, growth, and philanthropy, Hannah is THE ultimate “it” girl here at South.

**Much love to our mentor, role model, cheerleader and fearless leader, Hannah. Be sure to connect with her on LinkedIn and for the latest company news, follow South Inc Nashville on Twitter. **


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