South Inc’s Sweetheart: Introducing Shelby Glover πŸ’

Big spirits and personalities flock to South Inc Nashville.

When you boast a company of 30+ of the most energetic, ambitious, and results-oriented marketing & sales professionals, you naturally continue to attract like-minded individuals. In fact, it’s the reason Shelby Glover started with us 5 months ago! A Texas girl after our Tennessee heart, Shelby brings so much added energy and joy to our office and is naturally being recognized as March’s “Rising Star” because of it!

Born in Channelview, TX, and raised in Crobsy, TX (bet you can’t find either of those on the map, haha!) Shelby spent her early childhood in Texas, developing a strong love for the summer heat and outdoors! When a move presented itself to her parents, she found herself a new resident of Leoma, TN complete with a country home and farm animals – a far cry from her metropolitan childhood outside of Houston!

With the aid of her 2 older brothers Shelby threw herself into school and extracurricular activities, resuming her love for cheerleading; a sport she’d been active in since age 4. With intentions of moving into neonatal nursing, similar to her mother, Shelby became engaged in organizations like the Beta and Nursing Club! With a calling to help others, she was confident in her decision to attend Martin Methodist College in Pulaski with a concentration in Pre-Nursing.

A small private school, Shelby continued with her cheerleading career, instantly becoming a leader on campus! When she decided that nursing was no longer her calling, Shelby moved into a Biology major in efforts to salvage her previous classes and credits. Still not feeling satisfied professionally, but called to serve others, Shelby transferred into Elementary Education and finally into Marketing. Finally feeling her calling, Shelby threw herself into her study and accepted a full-time position in marketing & promotions in Nashville! When she knew she had gained enough experience but craved more stability, Shelby began her search for a long-term career. It was there she stumbled upon South Inc Nashville in early November 2016.

Unsure first if the position was a great fit professionally, Shelby accepted because of her immediate attraction to the company’s atmosphere and energy. A natural at sales, she completed her training and immediately began setting office records and the example for fellow colleagues at South Inc Nashville. 5 short months later, Shelby now holds a leadership role and aids in the training and development of new hires.

Despite living in Nashville now for 4 years, Shelby still loves finding new restaurants and hiking trails around town! When she’s not in the office, you can find her around Percy Priest Lake, doing outdoor activities, reading the latest Dean Koontz book or watching anything Disney related (Once Upon A Time is her FAVE!).

Shelby, we want you to know that we think you are an absolute gem and the perfect addition to our star-studded team! We appreciate everything you do and bring to the office and can’t wait to be writing in a few months about your next promotion into an Assistant Management role. Until then, follow Shelby’s growth and progress on Twitter @southincnashville and stay tuned for next month’s Rising Star!