Commitment, Charisma, Competitiveness: The 3 C’s To Matt Hensley

What are the keys to “success” in business? We ask ourselves this every New Year.

Is it about talent? Heart? Work ethic? Personality? Influence? Connections? The answer we always come back is what we like to call the 3 C’s – commitment, charisma, and competitiveness. It’s no wonder Corporate Trainer, and South Inc Nashville’s newest Rising Star, Matt Hensley, is excelling rapidly in our company’s Management Training Program; he embodies the 3 C’s both personally AND professionally.

Born in Cincinnati but raised in Knoxville, Matt grew up an athletic child dabbling in football, track, and his favorite, basketball! His commitment to exemplary performance, team-oriented nature, and internal competitiveness created a gifted athlete with collegiate-level options. Attending Tennessee Tech in Cooksville, Matt instead decide to pursue academics and chose a field most cringe when hearing – accounting! Yet, just like sports, he was a natural. Matt excelled at his studies so much he picked up a minor in communications and then pursued his Master’s immediately after his undergraduate studies.

A fresh Master’s graduate in 2014, Matt immediately went to work at the accounting firm he had interned at during college. Despite the experience and skills he gained, Matt knew the corporate environment and internal growth were sub-par. He then began searching for a career closer to Nashville and landed a position in accounting and financial consulting. While it offered an environment and culture he adored, it still missed the upward mobility he craved! It was finally 2 1/2 years after graduation that Matt realized that HE had to go out and find the growth he was looking for professionally – no one was going to hand it to him.

Through a fortuitous job search, Matt stumbled upon a listing for South Inc Nashville. After 3 interviews he was sold on the 100% merit-based growth opportunities the company prides itself on and made a decision that day he was going to be committed to moving into management for the company. Like everything else in life – basketball, accounting, his work – Matt was all in.

In the last 6 weeks since joining the company, he’s been to visit client offices in Knoxville and Charlotte and recently attended our client broker’s kick-off conference of the year. Networking with the biggest names in the outsourced marketing/sales industry Matt was extremely humbled by everyone’s kindness, their wealth of knowledge and genuine, down-to-earth nature. It further solidified his commitment to seeing his growth all the way to management at South Inc Nashville.

When he’s not working, you can find Nashville’s Knoxvillian watching sports, playing football in the park, hanging out with office colleagues, reading How To Win Friends And Influence People, or planning for his future. With goals of reaching management by September, Matt’s question isn’t “what will it take me to be successful this year?”, it’s “what will it take me to be successful TODAY.”

His answer, you ask? Stay committed. Stay humble and likable, and most importantly, stay hungry.