Getting To Know Alexandra Pierce: South Inc Nashville’s HR Director

The growth of South Inc Nashville is one of our company’s top 3 priorities – and one we focus on DAILY! In order to spearhead expansion, there must be vision and execution…and most importantly the talent to do so. That is where we cue Alexandra Pierce, Human Resources Director. The most dedicated, competitive, and hard-working person leading the search and on-boarding of our company’s newest team members. It is because of the experience, hunger and drive of Alexandra Pierce at South Inc Nashville that our company has expanded to 7 locations nationwide in 3 years, and another 3 projected by the end of Q2

We decided to offer an in-depth look into the role, responsibilities and goals of the one and only Ms. Pierce, in hopes of better explaining the vitality her role serves to our firm!

Her Role:

Alex’s primary responsibility at South Inc Nashville is to recruit individuals that match our corporate values and have strong communication, people, and entrepreneurial south-inc-pink-suitsskills. She seeks individual’s with a strong mentality, who are ambitious and business-oriented, and want unlimited growth potentials in their careers. Alex manages responsibilities including new hire onboarding, paperwork, background checks, ordering, quality assurance for our client, and works alongside the social media and ad placement team to expand our company’s brand nationwide. She takes immense pride in the part she plays at South Inc Nashville and is honored to be the very first form of contact from our company to a future employee.


Her Ideal Team Member In 5 Traits:

Over her year’s at South Inc Nashville, Alex has had the opportunity to interview some of the city’s finest, and has concocted a list  of qualities she looks for all the way from resume-screening to the 1st-3rd interview!

“People person” (Alex looks for individuals with customer or services oriented backgrounds. She loves individuals who are comfortable working face to face)


Relatable (in a business that has contact everyday with team members, customers, and clients, she seeks easy-going, personable personalities)


Perseverant (in offering a Management Training Program, Alex looks for individuals with grit and the confidence to overcome obstacles


Competitive, team oriented (as a collegiate swimmer from Michigan State, she attracts individuals who enjoy a healthy challenge and can work well with others)


Philanthropic (as South Inc Nashville grows, we give back more and more to our team and community. We think humility and selflessness are important inSouth-Inc-Nashville-Dallas-2 business and Alex looks for that leadership ability even outside of the office)


Overall, she looks for additions to the company that are complimentary in personality and commitment levels. She encourages a wide range of backgrounds, majors, lifestyles to apply and believes we grow stronger with diversity. Creating team unity  ensures that all of our clients’ needs are met, so you can be sure to find Alex at every team night, outing and event!


Her Goals:  


Alex’s Goals for 2017 are to help the company expand into 4 new cities and push the team to exceed expectations daily. Pulling from her swimming career, Alex believes heavily in goal-setting and the benefits of strategizing and preparation. Her personal goals include adding 3 additional aspects to her business repertoire, includinSouth-Inc-Trophy-10.pngg advertisement, brand management, and financial planning. It is her hope in knowing every aspect of our marketing firm, that she can continue to help lower the bottom-line while still attracting Nashville’s best and brightest.

-> Learn more personally about Alex here, and follow all of her and the office’s shenanigans on our Instagram channel.
-> For interest in speaking with her regarding career opportunities, please contact hr@southincnashville!

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