Great Balls Of Fire: South Inc Nashville Does “Top Gun”

The opportunity our company and client give us to travel almost monthly is not something we take lightly. With deep appreciation and a student mentality, we travel to each new location wide-eyed and eager to learn. Our trip to Los Angeles a few weeks ago was no different! Marketing Manager, Hannah, Human Resources Director, Alex, and 3 top Team Leads in our company, Katie, Hunter and Graham, were each invited to attend a “Top Gun” conference, exclusively reserved for our client’s most outstanding performers!

With our aviators on, and Goose and Maverick (that would be Hunter and Graham) leading the pack, South Inc Nashville boarded the plane for LA anxious for our 4-day conference. To say that our experience was amazing would be an understatement. The tour of our client broker’s headquarters, the trip to Hollywood Blvd, networking mixers, motivational speakers, dinners, nights on the town – everything was incredible. Take a listen to what the 5 attendees had to say!

Corporate Trainer, Graham: “I cannot express enough gratitude for being sent to Top Gun. Being surrounded by those who are on the same path and pushing for management reminded me that, while we are all on the trek with our individual eyes on the goal, we are all in this as a collective unit. I felt like a sponge as I did my best to soak up every bit of knowledge from each speaker–all which had bountiful amounts of knowledge and experience to share. Even as I read back over my notes the following week from our visit to headquarters, my strive for success was reinvigorated. It never ceases to amaze me how a few words from the mouths of the experienced and successful can be a catalyst for others’ success.”

Human Resources Director, Alex: “I had a ton of fun! It was so great to be able to speak directly to the corporate sector of the company and to learn about where our client is headed in the future.  My favorite moments were the meetings at corporate on Saturday, the bus tour around LA, walking around Hollywood and Santa Monica, a mechanical bull that was not our friend (haha), and the networking opportunities.”

Corporate Trainer, Katie: “Being chosen for Top Gun was such an honor and the experience was even more rewarding. Having the opportunity to hear so many successful people speak, knowing that they started in the same position as me, was reassuring that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Whether it be a conference or a local gathering for our client, it is always great to see this company on a larger scale. Not only was it an incredible learning experience listening to consultants speak, but it was equally helpful being able to speak with others in leadership positions who are also looking to move into management like myself. I took away countless tips, but more importantly, I learned that California burritos are absolutely delicious.”

Marketing Manager, Hannah: “Though this wasn’t my first time out to Headquarters, I walk away each time with a deeper appreciation for this career path I have chosen and the team I get to share it. Getting to be a part of this conference through the eyes of my guys was as fulfilling as my own first trip.”

Corporate Trainer, Hunter: “The whole experience was just great. Truly great. To be around a group of 100+ equally ambitious and like-minded people for the weekend reminded me I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. What I took away from the Top Gun Conference was humility. Though I have grown so much professionally, I still have miles to go. Mentors in our industry who spoke reminded me that career growth and “success” is an on-going journey. I’m excited to be on this journey with South Inc Nashville.”

All: Until next time, Los Angeles! We’re coming back for you!