A Powerful Force of Energy: A Leadership Exposé on Graham Montgomery

As we age here at South Inc Nashville and gain more maturity in business and life, we begin to better understand the power of positivity and it’s effects. With this understanding, we have adopted a hiring process so selective, it ensures our clients are represented by the best and our team is comprised of the best. When we interviewed Graham 3 months ago and could feel his positive energy from a mile away, we knew that he was THE best and the exact addition our company needed!

Born and raised in Columbus, Georgia, Graham grew up with a passion for people and a knack for understanding and relating to them. Studying Psychology and Child & Family Development, he fostered his gift at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and graduated ready to explore the world. Years later, when Graham still found himself working in Athens due to great job offers (GM of a whiskey/cocktail bar and a Tours & Events Manager at a whiskey brewery), he realized the time to branch out and break out of his shell was now. Moving with only a mission and his significant other, Graham settled into Nashville eager to do something so insanely different than his past experience in the restaurant/service industry.

He heard about South Inc Nashville through Human Resources Recruiter, Erin (remind us to give her a raise for this recruit – haha), after she contacted him regarding the resume he submitted to the company. Interviewing with Marketing Manager, Hannah, Graham was instantly drawn to her confidence and assuredness in the company’s goals and vision. Little did he know, we too were drawn to his positive nature and humility, despite impressive credentials.

Once offered a full time position within South Inc Nashville’s Management Program, Graham received training and mentorship from several key players in the company. He learned sales processes, how to represent the client with integrity and most importantly, how to translate his positive energy into the team and customers he would work with daily! When we asked Graham what made his experience so unique, both inside and outside of training, he spoke of the atmosphere and how the contagious energy put off by every team member formed an electric foundation for success. He believes that a group of like-minded people unified behind a common goal can bring about immense results; something he plans to do for our client and company.

In the 3 months Graham has been at South Inc, he has not only contributed greatly to the corporate culture within the Nashville office, but has also traveled to client offices in Raleigh, Oklahoma City and Atlanta to aid in training. He has become a revered leader, and contributes to the development of new hires daily. He has set goals with the Executive team to move into an Assistant Management role by March 2017 and into a Marketing Management role by July…and we have no doubt he’ll meet them!

When he’s not setting the pace at the office, you can find Graham exploring Nashville and all of its hidden gems. An animal lover and father to a turtle, bearded dragon and 3 cats, he recently discovered the Nashville Zoo and fell in love! We wanted him to know in writing this blog that his aura and good nature are the reason why we love our company so much. His personality, in conjunction with others at South Inc Nashville, make coming to work fun and the future brighter. With Graham as a part of our leadership team, we know that our company’s growth, much like his energy, is boundless. Keep up the great work – we can’t be waiting to write about your next promotion in a few months, buddy!