This Just In – South Inc Nashville Expands to 4th City!

Just a year and a half ago, a young man was invited to interview with us at South Inc Nashville and unknowingly accepted a position that would catapult his career months later to Oklahoma City. If you know Dan at all, his recent promotion to Marketing Manager comes as no surprise, as he is one of the hardest working and most humble people imaginable. To those who are not familiar with our business model though, a promotion to management in that amount of time seems quite rapid. Allow us to explain how it’s all possible!

  1. Demand: In order for us to have constant focus on supplying our client with Marketing Managers, there must first be a demand for the position. We are blessed to represent a wide range of clients – some in the energy, sports entertainment, telecommunications, merchant processing, wireless/cellular and office supply industry (just to name a few, haha)! With a diversified portfolio and our client’s reach spreading coast to coast, the demand for new managers to oversee markets and branch offices is never satisfied. It amazes us every month as they share their new targets/projections and the beauty is as they roll out their services to new cities, our opportunity for advancement grows and grows.
  2. Proper Training: Consider representing a Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 client and you can imagine the standards and expectations they have when outsourcing their brand. It was not without extensive training and impeccable hiring standards that we first began working with our current client, and that same level of quality is why they’ve dubbed us their #1 outsourced marketing firm across the country. With a renowned Management Training Program, we hand train and develop entry level individuals throughout marketing & sales positions, leadership roles, human resources, small business finances and client management. Based on the internal qualities and soft skills, individuals receive promotions in our company to Management within 6-18 months! Growth in some firms takes decades, but at South Inc Nashville, everything is accelerated and merit based, allowing for advancement at the pace of the individual.
  3. Support: The third and final key ingredient to rapid growth at South Inc Nashville is hands on leadership and proper support. From the moment Dan began with our company, he was assigned a mentor who was there for him in training, his development and friendship. Beyond his mentor, Dan had one singular Manager he reported to, allowing for even more hands on and personalized coaching. Whether it was company sponsored team nights, conference calls, business trips, leadership conferences or rest & relaxation weekends, Dan had mentor-ship available at his fingertips. With connections to top performers in the marketing industry and Nashville, Management Trainees at South Inc Nashville have the tools for success within easy reach!

Through a competitive spirit and the training and support of 40+ team members behind him, Dan is the 4th Marketing Manager coming out of our exclusive Management Training Program in 3 years. When our client offered him and 5 others relocation to help them expand services in Oklahoma City, Dan jumped at the opportunity and before we knew it the UHaul was packed! While we miss them each terribly, it is with great pride and honor to have worked with such remarkable individuals. Congratulations Dan, Jessica R, Ellen, Christian, Jessica D and Zack on this amazing journey and may many new adventures and promotions await you in Oklahoma!