South Inc Nashville’s Travel Journal

When we look back and think about how much we’ve traveled in just 7 short months this year, we realize we really need to start our own journal or documentation of these trips! Sisterhood of the Traveling South Inc’ers…sounds catchy right, haha?!

2 weeks ago 16 of our South Inc Nashville work family traveled west to Dallas, TX for a 3 day industry conference and had SUCH a memorable experience. Between networking, celebrating, sightseeing and being recognized for our performance over the last year, we think it’s safe to say that Dallas wasn’t ready for this Tennessee tribe!

Arriving early on Friday afternoon, the first thing our team did was sit down for lunch and Texas teas and enjoy the absolutely STUNNING hotel our conference was being held at. Seeing the size of everything (things are truly bigger in Texas) and the Dallas skyline everywhere we looked reminded us how fortunate we are to have opportunities like this and get to explore new cities and states while working (light emphasis on the word work haha).

The day continued as we joined a hundred+ others for happy hour at a great local bar called City Tavern and got to reunite with some of our favorite colleagues and mentors from across the country. Our client followed that event up with a special mixer specifically for Human Resources Managers, complete with awards for top performers (our very own HR Manager, Alex, was recognized!) and Texas spirits!

The weekend raced forward with an early rise  as we headed into breakfast and a massive morning meeting with over 2,000 industry professionals! There’s nothing that lets you know you’re a part of something BIG like seeing a crowd full of faces as energetic and excited as your own teams! During this event, South Inc Nashville’s Marketing Manager, Hannah, and several other branch managers were recognized for their offices’ outstanding performance over the last year. Whether it was a plaque, glass award or check, our team walked away looking like we won the Olympics!

During more personalized breakouts/leadership coaching seminars for our team, several members of our company were recognized for being pace setters in their respective positions! There was nothing over the whole weekend that brought us as much joy as seeing the heart and souls of our company recognized for their outstanding performance and dedication. Congrats Alex and Lou!

Up next on the agenda was a red carpet awards dinner that was just OUT OF THIS WORLD! The light show, the vogue models walking the stage…we felt like we had stepped out of Dallas into Fashion Week! What’s better than getting dressed up to a T with some of your closest friends and getting wined and dined on behalf of your client?! Not too much in our opinion!

In the final event of the conference, our client rented out an ENTIRE night club and drove our team in charter buses for a night of dancing and celebrating (we know nuts, right?). We bonded, spent the night socializing and created memories of our Texas travels that will last us 2 months until our next conference! Did we mention our client is hosting a 3 day Rest&Relaxation weekend for us in Las Vegas?! See you there South Inc Nashville!