Sarah at South Inc Nashville: A Leadership Expose

Here at South Inc Nashville, we place a large emphasis on doing work we love! When you think about the actuality of life, we work (roughly) from the time we’re 16 to 62 years old. For 46 years of our lives, at a minimum of 40 hours a week we ask, “should you not absolutely love what you do and who we do it with??” Call us niave, but we know it’s possible and the reason is because of people like Ms. Sarah Jones; people who work with such a passion for their job responsibilities and colleagues that it inspires others.

To give you a back story on South Inc Nashville’s “Leader of the Week”, Sarah is a North Carolina native and grew up in Raleigh before relocating to Boone, NC to attend Appalachian State College! An exercise sports science and psychology major, Sarah knew that her love for how people’s minds and bodies operated was not being thoroughly utilized in her retail job at a wine store, so she set out to find a career that would.

Recognizing that her best professional growth would happen away from home and her comfort zone, Sarah literally packed up her belongings one day and made a decision to move to country music capitol! **2 things that contributed to Sarah’s move and fun tidbits about her: 1) she’s a dedicated songwriter and could think of no better place to immerse herself in music and 2) she LOVES to travel and had visited Nashville on her way back from a road trip from Wyoming and quickly fell in love.

Once settled in Nashville, Sarah began searching for employment and stumbled upon South Inc Nashville’s Management Training Program online 10 months ago. As you can guess by the gap in time, her interviews went flawlessly and she’s been working tirelessly for our company and client over the last year kicking butt and taking names! Though there are many things we admire about Sarah, the biggest quality we respect is her decisiveness. We love that once she has an idea and commits to it, she always follows through. We love her “down for whatever attitude”, her friendly yet competitive team spirit and most importantly, her humility and willingness to learn every single day.

When we asked Sarah who inspired her, she instantly responded with “my parents; both entrepreneurs who taught me the values of hard work and perseverance. Even living away from them, they’re my biggest supporters and cheerleaders.” We challenged her to think about the biggest lesson she’s learned during her time with South Inc Nashville and she talked about her (now) understanding on the importance of goal-setting. A free spirit, Sarah used to take life a day at a time. She had aspirations but never learned the value of writing down objectives and action items to reach her goals. Under the leadership of Marketing Manager, Hannah, and newly promoted Junior Partner, Dan Sheppard, Sarah now talks openly about her own timeline for promotions and what she’ll be doing the next 6 months of the year (we predict another promotion to Junior Partner, so watch out)!

When you can’t find Sarah at the office, which is unlikely because she’s one of the hardest workers we know (haha), you can probably find her outdoors planning her next travel or writing music. A passionate singer/songwriter, Sarah has written over 200 original songs and always impresses us with her creativity and depth.

When we look around at our team and see musicians, former collegiate athletes, scholars and more, we’re just so impressed at the diversity and bond that creates South Inc Nashville. With the addition of Sarah last year, our team has blossomed tremendously under her guidance, leadership and personality. We’re so excited to continue to watch her grow and have no doubt that one of our next blogs will be regarding her next promotion within our Management Program!