It’s A Promotion Party: Congrats Dan Sheppard!

6 months ago we were writing a leadership expose on Dan Sheppard, former Corporate Trainer here at South Inc Nashville. We predicted that within 6 months we would be seeing Dan promoted to a mid-level management position and low and behold, almost 6 months to the day, we’re here to announce his advancement into a Junior Partner position within our firm’s Management Training Program!!! (INSERT LOUD CLAPPING AND SHOUTING!!)

If you follow our blog or social media you’ll know that Dan, aka “Dad”, is an extremely dedicated, ambitious and compassionate individual. Adored by all, he was nicknamed Dad for one simple reason; he is selfless and is always looking out for others. In the last year since Dan has been employed with South Inc Nashville, he has come to train nearly every individual in our firm, built great relationships and contributed a competitive edge that’s made our office improve as a whole.

To provide more on the upbringing that made Dan the young, business professional he is today, we’ll start first with his natural athletic ability. A baseball fanatic, Dan was actually scouted by the Chicago Cubs (wow, we know) after high school! Choosing his education first, he made a decision to attend the University of Iowa and start with collegiate level baseball for 4 years. With a passion for both business and sports, he then went on to receive his Master’s from the University of Northern Illinois, but soon realized that his best growth would be done away from home and his comfort zone.

After college, Dan fortuitously took a road trip across half of the US, stopping in Nashville to interview with our company. As you can imagine, he blew his interviewer out of the water and the rest was history from there! His relentless work ethic, charisma and team mentality is 100% what helped him accomplish this major milestone in his career 15 months after starting with us. Within his new role as Junior Partner, Dan will now begin to learn more of the operations here at South Inc Nashville, particularly in areas of finance, accounting, human resources, client correspondence and office management.

To say that we’re proud of Dan’s accomplishments would be a great understatement. We’re so enthusiastic about his potential and all that he will continue to learn as a Junior Partner within our marketing firm; but mostly we’re proud about the character and integrity of this young man. Just as we ended our last blog about Dan, we predict in the next 3 months that he’ll be helping South Inc Nashville expand to our 4th office location (hopefully in Texas) and continue to represent our client to the best of his ability. We predict he will continue to be a leader within our organization and that with his skillset, our company and team will prosper. Dan – if you’re reading this buddy we’re so grateful that out of any company you could have worked with, you chose us. We’re grateful for your commitment to our team this last year and for all that is to come in our next years together. Congrats on this milestone and here’s to many, many more!