South Inc Nashville’s Love Affair With Career Fairs

It’s no secret that South Inc Nashville houses some of the finest marketing and sales talent in the city. The personalities and ambitious characters that make up our firm are singlehandedly the reason for our company’s expansion into DC and Knoxville. So like any good thing in life, we want more!!!

Over the course of the last month, our Director of Human Resources, Alex, Marketing Manager, Hannah, and several top Corporate Trainers at South Inc Nashville traveled across the city, visiting different universities for their Spring career fairs. From Western Kentucky, to Volunteer State and lastly, Nashville State Community College, our management team spread the word about our firm’s coveted Internship and Management Training Programs. With the focus of expanding to an additional 4 office locations this year, it was imperative for us to visit these schools and meet the new and upcoming talent joining the job market in May.

The opportunity to speak with such bright and eager minds around Nashville reminded us why we love what we do. Whereas some businesses are adamant that an individual has 3-5 years of experience, we value people who start with less experience but more desire to prove themselves in the workforce.

With over 3 years of running South Inc Nashville, we’ve learned that experience doesn’t always translate to performance or results in a company. What does translate is someone who has a student mentality, someone with impeccable work ethic and  competitive drive! We find these qualities present at career fairs when networking with college sophomores, juniors and graduating seniors.

We wanted to write this blog and firstly, thank every student who came out to meet us at the 3 universities! It was such a pleasure getting to see your campuses, your school’s culture and of course, learn about your career aspirations. We were even more inspired upon leaving at the idea that we would potentially be working with several new faces this summer and after graduation. In fact, one of our office’s Junior Partners is a WKU graduate, so the prospect of working with more Hilltoppers thrills us!

If you’re about to walk the stage next week, or are seeking a full internship for the summer, South Inc Nashville is the company you should consider. We’re innovative, we’re growing and we’re entry level friendly. Visit our website to apply directly!