Breaking News: South Inc Nashville Expands Into Its 3rd City!

In business, growth is everything; whether it’s growing your consumer base, the width of your portfolio or the talent of your team.  Without expansion, all businesses would ultimately fail. Luckily here at South Inc, we’re led by an executive team who understands this basic principle and promotes growth, both internally and externally, within our company DAILY!

Best known for our firm’s Management Training Program, South Inc has created a unique culture of personalized leadership development over a 6-18 month time-frame of an individual starting with our company. Very simply, we work for an entertainment/telecommunication client that is growing nationally and at a rapid rate. With their product’s expansion into new cities and states, our client opens the opportunity to South Inc to train and develop marketing managers who will oversee a new branch office location…and develop is what we do!!

In the 3 years that our company has formed, we have promoted managers and accepted expansion further into Nashville, Maryland and now into Knoxville, Tennessee! Within the next two years, our firm plans to be in 10 locations all across the United States and even begin our international extension into the UK!

While our client is the vehicle that opens the door for this enlargement, none of it would be possible if it were not for the remarkable team that represents South Inc. As the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child,” in our company it takes an entire team to help promote a marketing manager capable of overseeing a new office location for our client. Through months of mentoring, grooming and developing, we prime someone with an entrepreneurial mindset and management skill set to successfully represent our client outside of the Nashville area and independent of our daily oversight.

Justin, our company’s newest promoted Junior Partner, was with our firm for just over 1 year before accepting his new role as a Managing Partner, representing our client in East Tennessee (Vols Country)! Though he and his team of 5 left a void when leaving our office 2 weeks ago, the pride we have for them and for Justin’s professional development is immense. To witness first hand someone’s hard work being rewarded by the opportunity to work directly for a Fortune 100 client is a pretty neat advantage of our business!

As the breadth of our company’s reach expands east, we wanted to write and share our gratitude, both to our client and our team on this recent accomplishment. To our clients, we thank you for the opportunity you provide daily to work for such a trendsetting organization paving the way in fiber-optic technology. To our team, we thank you for your relentless effort, your desire for excellence and most importantly, your hunger for expansion. This is just the cusp of our company’s ability and we can’t wait to be writing in the next 6 months about how South Inc has taken over yet another new city!