The Eternal Traveler: A Leadership Expose on Liz Cornelius

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” – St. Augustine

When we first met Liz 6 months ago, she had a glow to her that instantly drew us in. She was vibrant, cultured, well traveled and had a passion for life that radiated out of her. In a city like Nashville were so many people have relocated for the allure of city life, Liz was more than just that. She was and still is a walking adventure.

Born and raised in Whiting, Indiana, right on the edges of Lake Michigan and the Chicago metro area, Liz grew up as active as they come. Soccer, swimming, tennis, track – there was little she wouldn’t participate in if it got her outdoors in the sunshine! Staying true to her Indiana roots, Liz became a Hoosier and moved a few hours away from home to attend Indiana University and study Kinesiology. Being really athletic and drawn to a major that would give her a more specialized focus, Liz made a decision early on in her collegiate years to study athletic training.

Study wasn’t a strong enough word to explain her success in the field though. Liz went on to become a certified athletic trainer for the school and worked with nearly every sports organization at Indiana from football, swimming/diving, cheerleading, tennis, baseball, soccer and field hockey. The only girl of 3 brothers, she was a natural at working with athletes and was offered a scholarship at the University of Hawaii in Oahu to continue her education. (Let the traveling begin!)

For nearly 2 years, Liz spent her graduate years studying exercise/sports science and  island hopping on the weekends; seeing every slice of paradise Hawaii had to offer before she came back stateside. Receiving 2 job offers in Seattle upon graduation, Liz immediately relocated and started working with Boeing, specializing in injury prevention of airplane mechanics. For the next 5 years she embraced the Seattle lifestyle, frequenting Farmer’s Markets, hiking trails, backpacking, camping on the beach and enjoying the beautiful nature of the Northwest.

After Liz and her significant other made a decision to relocate to Nashville to pursue his career as a blues-rock singer, they took 45 days to travel before starting their new life over in Tennessee! For 23 days the two backpacked across Italy, ventured on the Oregon trails, explored the mountains of Colorado, camped in the canyons of Utah, and finally headed their way to Nashville in July 2015.

Looking to start back in the athletic training field, Liz immediately started applying for positions but was turned away by the thought of the brutally long hours working with a sports team with little opportunity for advancement. Not finding anything that was catching her attention, she turned to exploring new industries and fortuitously stumbled upon South, Inc.’s Management Training Program.

When we asked her what made her interview process with our company so noteworthy, she said “it’s hands down the people. My interviewers at South, Inc were able to explain/show me the interaction I would have with potential clients and that face to face style of business suited my personality and abilities. I loved that everyone was very professional but still incredibly relaxed and light-hearted.” Needless to say after a 3 round interview process, the feeling was mutual.

Fast forward 6 months and Liz is now in a Team Lead position, where her responsibilities include the training, development and mentorship of a small team. She has earned recognition for being incredibly reliable, thorough and eager about the ability to influence others through proper training. 6 months from now, Liz and our Management team expect her to be transitioning into a Junior Partner role and preparing for the opening of our next branch office location. Though we don’t know yet where our client will send us, we know our eternal traveler will be down for the challenge!

If you can’t find Liz in the office, she’s probably planning her next backpacking trip or playing with her dachshund-mix, Ripple! One of the most kind-hearted, down-to-earth and ambitious people you’ll ever meet, Liz reminds us that not all souls that wander are lost. Some just have dreams and ambitions that are right at home with South, Inc.