California, Here We Comeeeee!

Several times a year, South, Inc. travels nationally and internationally on behalf of our client and marketing firm. In 2015 and 2016 alone we have had the opportunity to travel to cities like Austin, Cancun, Maryland, San Antonio, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and most recently, Los Angeles!

So when our client broker invited South, Inc.’s Marketing Manager, Hannah, to Los Angeles for 3 days of touring their headquarters, strategizing for 2016 and most importantly, networking with other top performers from across the country, she was on the next red-eye cross country!

When Hannah returned after a jam packed trip, we asked her all about what she took away and what she was planning to implement in the office upon her return and we have to say, WE’RE EXCITED! The first thing she shared with us was about our client’s latest investment in Salesforce, a Customer Relationship Management cloud software. With this technology – an integration of social media and real-time collaboration – the sales experience we’re going to be able to provide to our customers and team will be on a whole other level!

What impacted Hannah the most though was getting to meet the entire team at Headquarters, seeing the support they provide to all 15 clients we represent and the projected growth they have for the rest of this year; international expansion included!  Hannah got to meet with the CEO, CFO and COO of our client broker and they even called to tell our Human Resources Manager, Alex, what an exceptional job she’s been doing in her role since starting a year and a half ago!

The trips we go on do a few things for us; some relax us, some re-energize us  and some even humble us. This excursion solidified our happiness in working for one of the top telecommunication clients in the country and most importantly our gratitude to them. The adventures they invite us to, the technology they are constantly improving for our team (for example in a few short months every single one of our team members will have tablets), the mentor ship they provide even from thousands of miles away…blessed doesn’t begin to cover how we feel. Together with their support, South, Inc. will be expanding to an additional 6 locations in the next 2 years. Stay tuned for weekly blogs on promotions, expansion into new markets and of course, the next business trip our client sends us on!