Putting South Inc Nashville On The Map

Though we joke about our company being named South, we all know that the only direction our firm is going is North!

Upon opening our office 3 years ago, our Marketing Manager, Hannah, made a decision to position South, Inc. as THE premier marketing and sales firm in the Nashville, TN area. That decision has laid the foundation for excellence at our company since. The commitment we made all those years ago to our client and team to operate our marketing and sales firm with high-energy and a servant style of leadership has allowed us for rapid expansion into 3 addition markets since 2014!

It’s no wonder, with standards as high as ours, that we were recognized by our client as the top performing office for the ENTIRE year and the ENTIRE country in 2015! This coveted award was based not only on sales generated for our client, but also on customer satisfaction and retention, two areas we placed extensive training and emphasis on!

How did we do it? Great question you ask!

1: Purpose: Being successful in business is about having a combination of grit, dedication and a clear path and vision. With no purpose or aim, the likelihood of long-term success is limited. We decided that unifying our team at South, Inc. behind a common goal would establish greater purpose and lead us to the coveted trophy of excellence!

2. Passion: Partnering with purpose, came injecting passion into our team’s work. Passion towards our client, their service, their customers and most importantly passion towards exceeding expectations. Every successful entrepreneur and business owner we aspire to be like has achieved success because of their undeniable passion. We knew to bring the trophy home we had to be as passionate about our client’s growth as we are about our own.

3. Perfection: We don’t believe that perfection is attainable, but we do believe that the pursuit of perfection is a mindset; a mindset that we embrace here at South, Inc. The key to overseeing the #1 office in the country last year for our client was the decision every day to work and be a little better than the day before. That mental fortitude allows us to continuously hit and surpass all expectations!

The pride we have for the growth we have seen in our company and team members is immense. As excited are we are about this prestigious honor, our focus is more so on what’s next! How can we repeat last year’s performance and make 2016 an even more memorable year?!

To read the full length Press Release, continue here!


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