A Serendipitous Situation: A Leadership Expose on Emy Mangra

There is no better word to describe the fortunate series of events that led Emy to South, Inc. than serendipity. Some say that there is no such thing as luck in business, as luck is just hard work meeting opportunity. So whether you call it good fortune, serendipity or luck – the stroke of fate that has intertwined Emy and our company is something we’re very grateful for. We wanted to take the time to introduce to Nashville and the world, one of the major assets and key players that came into our company 6 months ago, Emy Mangra!

After growing up in Alabama and graduating from Troy University, Emy made a decision that it was time to spread her wings and began seeking employment in Nashville, TN. After securing many job interviews, Emy drove from Alabama to Nashville to check out apartments and hopefully land her dream job. Not quite finding what she was looking for, she extended her trip an extra day and that afternoon received a call from our Human Resources team here at South, Inc. Jumping at the opportunity to come in for an interview that very same afternoon, Emy traveled to our downtown office where she met Alexandra, Director of Human Resources, whom we blogged about several weeks ago. The two hit it off (when you meet Emy and see her infectious personality it’s no wonder) and a second interview was scheduled with our Marketing Manager, Hannah!


As you can tell by the timeline of events, Emy aced her second interview and was offered a full time position here at South, Inc. Being incredibly close with her family and siblings though, she struggled in the last weeks. Would it be possible to leave her parents, her brother, sister and best friends and move to an entirely new city where she would lack the same support system and actually be happy? After much internal debate, Emy felt confident that based on the personalities that she had met and the corporate culture she had witnessed, she would be able to make Nashville and South, Inc her new home.

When we asked Emy what helped her choose our company over other firms that she interviewed with, she mentioned that the blend between professionalism and personality was flawless. She knew she wanted to work with a reputable company that would allow her to gain experience in the General Business area she had studied, but she also knew that she wanted to work with fun, motivating and friendly people that would become additions to the friends and family she had left in Alabama.

We asked Emy to tell us some things about herself that the office may not know and you’d be impressed to know that she was in at least 6 organizations at any time during college; everything from a social sorority, student government and marketing clubs! We knew she was a social butterfly but also a busy bee as well!


We asked her what her career objective is for 2016 and she talked about self-development and growth. The utmost importance to her is to constantly be learning, developing and continuing to be an asset to the South, Inc. team! She has a close family friend who’s entrepreneurial journey inspires her and she hopes to one day like him, work her way from the ground floor of a company, upwards into Management. What Emy doesn’t know is that while she’s inspired by her role model, she serves as a motivator to a lot of our own team members! People look to Emy’s cheerful demeanor and perky personality for inspiration everyday and she has influenced more people in 6 months than she can probably imagine.

If you can’t find Emy in the office, it’s probably because she’s at a concert or listening to Eric Church’s new album! Country music fans – this is a great way to get brownie points when meeting her (haha!). She loves the fact that Nashville has live music every day of the week, if you just take the time to look for it! Also, if you like movies, shopping or are new to Nashville – just ask Emy for some pointers; she gives great advice and has a Southern accent that is too cute to boot!


In conclusion, had it not been for the perfect timing that our HR team reached out, the friendships she built during her interviews or Emy’s confidence in her decision to move, who knows if our paths would have ever crossed. As our relationship as business partners continues to grow, we will continue to thank serendipity in playing a hand in our hiring process and will be updating you monthly on how all Emy is growing in her career!




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