From New Orleans to Nashville: A Leadership Expose on Louis Schick

Every week here at South, Inc. we focus our efforts on recognizing a top performing team member currently excelling in our firm’s Management Training Program. What we love most about these weekly leadership blogs are 1) the well deserved recognition they bring and 2) all the AMAZING little known facts we find out about our co-workers. Today, our E! True Hollywood special is focusing on Louis Schick, New Orlean’s very own superstar!

We have found that there are some people in life and in business that are so unbelievably true to themselves and confident in their abilities, that they spread positive energy all around them. If you’ve never met someone like this, stop by the office and let us introduce you to Louis!


Louisiana born and bred (we literally just realized that his name is derived from his home state – WHATTTT! ), Louis grew up in a big family of 4 children and watched his father work 3 jobs to make ends meet. The pure will and determination his father had to provide a great life for his children, inspired Louis from a young age. Consequently, he entered the work force at 16, sometimes working 3 jobs himself within the restaurant industry!

At 18, Louis had moved himself, through hard work and training. into a role as a sous chef. By 20, he held a position as an Executive Chef and then by 23, was operating as a Managing Partner for a chain of restaurants. One of the most open minded and down for whatever people you’ll ever meet, Louis traveled, trained or managed restaurants in California, Colorado, China, the Caribbean and Mexico for almost 10 years! How he ended up in Nashville with those places as choices, we don’t know (haha!)


When we asked him that question jokingly, we found out he has an older brother who actually lives in Nashville! When his latest restaurant was bought out by a corporate merger, Louis made the decision to move closer to family and relocated to the country music capitol! After deciding to leave the restaurant/culinary field permanently, Louis accepted a position in contracting and helped in the formation of some notable places in Nasvhille like BB King and Whiskey River Saloon. If you ever need tips on a cool restaurant or bar to go to, he’s your guy!

After dedicating about 80 + hours a week in the restaurant and consulting field and constantly having to look for a project every 6 months, Louis made the decision that it was time to start looking for more stability. As he wanted to settle down and start a family, he was looking for a career that would provide him a better work-life balance. So the job search began…


Something crazy but impressive in Louis’s journey to South, Inc. was how many interviews he accepted to make sure that he found the best fit professionally. 23 in case you were guessing! When we asked him what made us stand out from the rest of his interviews, he stated that the charisma and energy of every team member he encountered was contagious.

We can’t quite believe it, but it’s almost been half a year since Louis accepted a full time offer into our Management Program. Since starting with our company, he has consistently surprised us with his humility and passion for training others. Overseeing anywhere from 5-10 people currently, he is the true definition of leadership and hard work.


When we asked Louis what his goals were, he said undoubtedly that we’d be seeing him in a Junior Partner role within our company, learning now how to oversee a team of 15-20 people and having more direct interaction and responsibilities for our client, AT&T. We asked him what advice he would want people reading this blog to know and he shared this with us. “Never, ever have a back up plan. A back up plan is an escape for not reaching your current plan. I knew I would never be successful at South, Inc. if I always had another company or position in my back pocket. So I put my head down, asked a million quotes, took hundreds of notes and knew I would achieve my goals no matter what. I had no choice not to. There was no plan B.”

Louis, if you’re reading this blog, we hope that you know that you are an inspiration to many. Your outgoing personality, humor and kindness always brighten the office. We have absolutely no doubt that you will be SO successful in life and want you to know that we are here to support your growth and leadership development along the way. Keep up the amazing work; we’re your biggest cheerleaders!

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