Piercing the Competition: A Leadership Expose on HR Director Alex Pierce

“There’s no luck in business. There’s only drive, determination and more drive.” Here at South, Inc. we find motivation in articles, inspirational videos, and quotes like the one you read above. Some quotes stand out to us because of their humor, some for their ability to make us persist through hardships and some because of their stark reality. The reason we chose this quote though was for a reason entirely different than those listed above…this quote is so memorable because it reminded us of our very own Director of Human Resources, Alexandra (Alex) Pierce. The hardest working person we’ve ever had the pleasure of having in our business. Before we share with you all of the contributions Alex has brought to our company over the last year and a half, we first wanted to take the time to introduce to the rest of the world the backbone of our organization.

Born and raised in Hendersonville, Alex is a Tennessean through and through. Introduced to competitive swimming at a young age, she grew up driving weekly to Nashville for her club practices and swim meets and quickly fell in love with the city. Throughout middle school and high school, Alex competed all around the area, gaining much notoriety in high school for her 100 meter backstroke. She received awards such as All-American honors for 4 years,  county swimmer of the year and Team MVP for her senior year. Despite loving the South, Alex knew that greater opportunities lied in stepping outside of her comfort zone and accepting a scholarship to an out of state school.


Recruited by the very impressive D1 university, Michigan State, Alex made the 700 mile trek and committed herself to the Spartan Swim Team. In 4 years competing at a collegiate level, Alex continued to raise the bar for herself and for her team. Though you’ll never hear Alex brag about her accomplishments, in her Junior Year she made the team’s All-Time Top Ten list in the 200 and 400 individual medley, 100 butterfly, and the 200 butterfly. Top Ten list out of decades of athletes! Can we get a WOW!!!

Immediately following gradation, Alex decided to compliment her undergraduate degree in psychology by pursuing her Masters from Findlay University in Ohio. Keep in mind readers – we’re not only talking about a very gifted athlete but also, a highly educated woman! No wonder the title of this blog was piercing the competition!

While receiving her Master’s, Alex was offered a full time position in Florida coaching The Panama City Swim Team and accepted the opportunity to still be surrounded by the sport she had made her life. After a year of coaching, Alex realized as much as she enjoyed training and motivating to her team, she would much rather take her skill set and education and apply it to the business industry; apply it into a business that would evoke the same rush that the whistle and dive off the board would. Alex made the move back home to Nashville in August 2014 with the mindset to find her next career, and the rest was history from there!


Reading about South, Inc on Indeed, Alex submitted her resume to the company, interviewed three times, and was offered a position in Human Resources & Recruitment in September 2014! Within 6 months of starting with the company, Alex, in networking at conferences and meetings with management made a decision that her interview at South, Inc. would be the last, first interview she would ever go on…she had found her second home outside of the water.

When we asked Alex who motivated her and what her motto is on business and life is, she told us this. “My mother raised me to be very independent and to realize that there are no handouts in life. If I wanted to be successful at swimming, I had to practice more and want it more. If I wanted to be successful when starting with South, Inc. I had to realize that I would be the only person working for my promotions, the only person interested in accomplishing my goals and objectives, etc. So that meant I had to give it everything. Everyday.”


Fun Facts About Alex: When she isn’t in the office you can find Alex and her mom discovering new sites all around Nashville or watching her favorite movie character, Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies! The reason we wanted to write this leadership expose today was not only to give some extra love and kudos to the woman who keeps our company running day in and out, but to also showcase the talent that makes South, Inc.! Alex – you don’t just pierce the competition, you knock them out of the water. You may wake up and think how luck you are to have a career you love, but in all honesty, we are the lucky ones. Until next week Nashville: Stay tuned for the next Leadership Expose on Mr. Dan Shepard!




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